How gritty are you?

You just completed the Short Grit Scale (Duckworth & Quinn, 2009). It measures how passionate and persevering you are. It's also related to how much self-control you have and how conscientious you are.

Check out the interactive results below and help spread the word.

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Grit among users

The blue region is the distribution of grit scores among all users. The lowest and highest values are 1 and 5, respectively. Higher values reflect more grit.

What do these results mean?

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Consistency & perseverance

This grit scale measures your consistency of interest and perseverance of effort. Explore more below.

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Self-control and impulsivity

Grittier people tend to be less impulsivity and plan for the future. Try the delay discounting task.

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Cognitive control

Grit might be related to cognitive or executive functioning. Try one of our cognitive tasks: Stroop or flanker

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More visualizations

Grit facets
Consistency & perseverance

Each boxplot shows the range of scores among all users. The red dots are your scores.

The "interest consistency" facet measures how you respond to questions like "I become interested in new pursuits every few months."

The "effort perseverance" facet measures your response to questions like "I finish whatever I begin."

Global choropleth
Grit across the globe

People in different countries and cultures differ in how gritty they are.

If you find the results interesting, tell your friends from other countries to complete this task.