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Terms and conditions

Effective as of 8 November, 2020


Anthrope is a free platform that helps psychological and behavioral science researchers understand human cognition, behavior, and personality. Its purpose is to support scientific research. By using Anthrope, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions and any additional terms in the informed consent statements associated with each survey, task, or study. You acknowledge that you have read and understood all agreements and consent forms.

Rights you grant us

Researchers at the University of Toronto and research collaborators will use the data collected on Anthrope to inform future scientific research and publish at conferences and scientific journals.

User guidelines and permissions

You can freely share and reuse any data visualizations you see on Anthrope, though attribution is appreciated. You can also reuse all images on Anthrope, which are from Unsplash (see licence details).

How long will Anthrope honor these terms and conditions?

Any change will be immediately reflected on this page.

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